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Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)

Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)

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We will send you one of the following 8 types from Tokyo, Japan by Air Mail.

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User Reviews

8 people have reviewed this reward.

  • Marcos PereiraMarcos Pereira
    over 4 years ago at Brazil

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)Arrived today,took 18 days to arrive was very fast i enjoyed the reward is very cute and the size is very good,i thought it would be smaller but when i saw i really liked,thank you i.ntere.st.

  • justawayjustaway
    over 4 years ago at Tunisia

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)thanks i.ntere <3 <3

  • SakuraSakura
    over 4 years ago at Viet Nam

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)I have received this for over a month but I'm too lazy to write a review. Anyway, thank you I.ntere.st team for sending me a special one, I love it very much. I always get the characters i don't like the most, but this time i got what i never expect to receive. This rubber strap is so cute and beautiful. It arrived about 12 or 15 days i don't remember. In a word, I very like this strap ^^

  • Oumaima Moustamid El HayaniOumaima Moustamid El Hayani
    almost 5 years ago at Morocco

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)Thanks ;)

  • ChachamaruChachamaru
    almost 5 years ago at Serbia

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)arigatou gozaimasu i.ntere.st ^_^ i'm sooo happy that i got hijikata because he's my favourite gintama character ^_^ it looks so cute and cool and it took 12 days to arrive ^_^

  • Sama Abo El SoodSama Abo El Sood
    almost 5 years ago at Egypt

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)かわいい ^^ どうもありがとうございます ^^ it just took 16 days to arrive....thank you so much i.ntere.st team ^^

  • Charaf Eddine ZabakhCharaf Eddine Zabakh
    almost 5 years ago at Morocco

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)i got gin san thak you, it was the one i hoped to get

  • Cammi CarmenCammi Carmen
    almost 5 years ago at Romania

    Gintama Capsule Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)it arrives yesterday :3 i was so happy ^^ it's very kawaii and small . i like it so much :D thanks i.ntere.st team. thanks. you're the best :D


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